Natural Mineral
A natural mineral water that flows from a unique spring,
with unique minerals that bring you well-being.
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More Than
Just Water
A water like this could only be created by nature, in a unique spring,
in the depths of the Serranía de Cuenca mountains.
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Sparkling Water
A transparent, pure and brilliant water with fine bubbles
that create a soft and extraordinary crisp sensation in your mouth.
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Over 225 years of continuous innovation with wisdom and purpose

Legend has it that the name Solán de Cabras comes from a goat herder who used to take his animals to a sunny meadow near the spring.He noticed that his ailing goats were cured by drinking the water that bubbled out of the spring.

The Romans revered this water and several centuries later, in 1775, Spain’s King Charles III ordered the construction of the Solán de Cabras Baths to accommodate the growing number of pilgrims from all over Spain seeking cures for a multitude of ailments.